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Here at Carolyn' s Absolutely Fabulous Events we are celebrating British Cuisine. Let us show you ideas for entertaining, events and recipes with a British sensibility.  And since we now find ourselves in Denmark let us also explore Danish Cuisine and Hygge.


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Happy Carlsberg employees and consumers wearing Tuborg Christmas beer accessories and singing the Tuborg christmas song in a bar on "J day" 2008

J Day or free beer for all (Danish Culture Post)

By Carolyn Eddie | Nov 6, 2016

It seems Christmas starts early in Denmark. The first Friday in November is a ‘holiday’ called J Day and 8.59 pm marks the arrival of Tuborg Julebryg  (Christmas Beer). Employees from the Danish brewery Carlsberg spend the evening driving in beer trucks and horse carriages  to bars and cafes across Denmark, dressed in Blue Santa…

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Raspberry Almond Cake

By Carolyn Eddie | Nov 6, 2016

Most of you reading this page have probably eaton my raspberry almond cake, as I have probably served it to you at least once in the last few years.  So saying that why can’t I find a single picture of it anywhere?  It is one of my breakfast staples, but it also works well with…

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Nordic Platter

By Carolyn Eddie | Nov 3, 2016

I am so proud of my Nordic Platter. It is one of those wonderful combinations of very satisfying bits of cooking, making a super easy savory soda bread and pickling red onions,  for which I give the recipes below and store bought ingredients which are then assembled to make a stunning appetizer, lunch or supper…

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Coronation Chicken and other Afternoon Tea Sandwiches

By Carolyn Eddie | Oct 20, 2016

I have been promising for some time to write down my coronation chicken sandwich filling recipe and it occurred to me that, for completeness, I should also include the recipes for my other standard afternoon tea sandwich fillings; although I am not sure some of them really qualify as recipes. Obviously the best sandwiches are…

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Nice Words from Some of My Clients...


We celebrated my daughter's 8th birthday with a very elegant tea party and all the girls were amazed by the beautiful china cups and pots and couldn't get enough of the chocolate coved strawberries and mini pavlovas. Thank you, Carolyn!

Pia, Darien


Thank you SO much for an Absolutely Fabulous event!!!  You truly lived up to your name and reputation! I’ve had so much fun getting to know you and it was a pleasure working with you.  

Thank you to the whole back of house team.  You guys are truly amazing!  It was one of the things that I never had any doubts or worries about…I knew we were in GREAT hands!

Thank you, again!  

Karalesa, co-chair Darien House Tour After Party